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In our galaxy milky way (akashganga) sun is the biggest star around which all the planets resolve. It gives us heat and light in the form of energy. There would be no life on earth without sun. All the energies on earth are fuelled by the rays of sun. Due to the power, it is considered as the king of our solar system.

It is a gigantic source of light that vanishes darkness of earth when it slowly rises in the east every morning. Undeniably it is the symbol of peace, wisdom and spirit of our lives. Sun rays connect with the innermost spirit of human beings hence it depicted as the soul of a universe representing the life force on the earth. Sun is the self of a person. In astrology it has been described as the soul (atma) of all beings. Importance of Lord Sun can be realised by the fact that it’s presence brings hope and energy in the form of day and its absence brings darkness in the form of night.

In astrology sun represents power an authority and hence it is related to Govt.Authoritues, posts of power, Sun gives us vitality and the power of resistance and immunity. It determines our physical strength and body’s constitution. It gives us will power, intellect, brilliance, prosperity and success in worldly affairs.


Basic information about sun:


Lord of rashi – Leo

Debilitated in – Libra

Lord of nakshatra –

Duration in each rashi – 1 Month

Friendly planets – Moon, Mars, Jupiter

Enemy planets – Venus, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu

Neutral Planet – Mercury

Colour – Orange, Saffron

Gem – Ruby, Garnet