Weekly Horoscope

(30th  April to 6th May, 2018)


Avoid ego in nature otherwise you will face problems. Family life will be peaceful. Take care of your father’s health.


Control your eating habits and drive carefully. Ups and downs at your work place will continue. You will try to perform each and every task carefully.


You will move forward progressively in your life and all your wishes will get fulfilled. Pay attention to your health and don’t over think.


You will get benefits in government sector, may get promoted. Your income may increase. Family life blissful.


There will be improvements at work place and your ides will be appreciated. Your child may feel some physical discomfort. There will be an increase in your religious aptitude.


You may face some stressful situations in your personal and family life. Pay attention to your mother’s health. Control your thoughts and emotions.


Avoid shortcuts to get success in your jobs. Siblings may face some physical discomfort. Family life may be stressful. You may get monitory benefits through government.


You may plan to go on foreign trips. There may occur some disputes in family. You may gain some monitory benefits through property.


Control your behavior as you may feel anxious, planets may affect your relationship so act wisely. You may have monitory gains.


Take care of your health and pay attention to your eating habits. Your expenses may increase. Take care of your mother’s heath.


You may have monitory benefits through various mediums. Your hard work will be rewarded. You may plan a trip to pilgrimage. Family life seems blissful.


Avoid any kind of disputes at work place. Do not sign a paper without prior information. You may gain monitory benefits this week.